Painfully Their business reached hysterics from both parties, before shouts and exile from a lesson.

Only, what did not reach, so it good results at children.

However, experiment cannot be considered completely finished.

Painfully quickly in Kitezh such teachers appeared in vacuum and left a community at own will.

There was a teacher, the man, not skilled, but very meticulous not to tell boring which politely, with methodicalness of the car put the two and expelled from a lesson of those who did not prepare homework.

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But such

But such Some of these belief have no real bases at all, are not closed with real laws of the world nature in any way.

The basis of world outlook installations is primitive to despair it is necessary to be responsible for a market therefore live quietly.

But such simple installation cannot also be shaken, despite its wildness.

People believed earlier that the earth flat, but after all lived somehow, solved problems … At that level of existence for which Mischa prepares, all suitcase of his delusions will not prevent its normal existence within that society at all, whose image it carries in the consciousness.

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Show to children

Show to children But we can always replace one mood with another to make our life happier.

Place in front of the mirror the dark paper symbolizing negative thought.

Then move away her and place in front of the mirror light paper which designates positive thought.

Ask children to prompt you examples of positive thoughts.

Show to children that will occur if we only half remove from ourselves our unfortunate thoughts and also only half we will approach positive thoughts to a mirror.

Bring a half of a dark leaf and a half of the light to a mirror.

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Mother had to take

Mother had to take I for some reason am absolutely sure of it.


not thought up stories about childbirth As we for the first time gave birth I arrived to maternity hospital with mother on the father.

That is the father, having escaped from work for hour or so, took us and unloaded at a main entrance without fifteen three.

Mother had to take away my things in case I remain to give birth.

Dima on maternity hospital, naturally, knew about my attack and was morally ready to that can cause it from work to the giving birth wife.

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In the daily

In the daily Lesh did not moderate the activity.

And though new business went uphill and any more did not demand to itself every second attention, my friend did not consider necessary to stay at home with the wife or to walk in park.

In the daily schedule it in general a little that changed.

Again offenses and reproaches began.

Vika did not feel his care, and she so wanted it.

Considered Lesh that all her reproaches are only whims of the pregnant woman that she demands from him impossible.

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